When to Ask For Help

In the beginning, I was positive. Well, for the most part I was positive. Obviously, when I was diagnosed with PCOS I was sad. I cried a lot, but for the most part I felt positive. I started this blog and began talking about it. Talking about it helped. It validated my feelings. Then a… Continue reading When to Ask For Help

Guest Posts

Jenny’s Story

The following is a blogpost from my dear friend Jenny about her experience with depression and fertility treatments. The Day I Yelled at the Worcestershire Sauce ย  Infertility has consumed me. Again. And taken such a heavy toll on all of us emotionally and mentally. Trying to get your body back into a good groove… Continue reading Jenny’s Story


But What About Being 20 Something and Infertile?

One of the most frustrating things about this journey, other than the fact that I can't get pregnant, is the lack of material for those that are young and experience infertility. Every book I have picked up, every article I have read, and every blog that I have searched are about woman 30+ suffering from… Continue reading But What About Being 20 Something and Infertile?


Why Timing Isn’t Everything…

  The phrase that I hate more than any phrase that has ever existed is "when the timing is right, it will happen." GAAAHHHHHH!! Excuse me whilst I bang my head on my desk and scream a furious war cry. I will admit that I used this phrase quite often during my early twenties. Josh… Continue reading Why Timing Isn’t Everything…


Infertility, The Gift That Keeps on Grieving

It's a strange feeling, grief. It's even stranger when you're grieving something you've never had. I didn't think it was possible until this past year. It hit me like a ton of bricks when I was sitting in the doctor's office last week. Ironically, it was dark and snowy outside. I stared out the window… Continue reading Infertility, The Gift That Keeps on Grieving