Guess Who’s Back…… From Hiatus's been a minute....a hot minute.  I took a break from fertility treatments last Summer and didn't realize that I would actually be taking a break from everything. I blogged here and there but my heart wasn't into it. Honestly, I think I just needed to heal completely. I didn't have the energy to write… Continue reading Guess Who’s Back…… From Hiatus


Dear Angel Baby

Today would've been your due date. I can't even wrap my head around the fact that if you had stayed, you would either be here or I would be about to pop.  I can't help but wonder what life would be like right now if things had been different.  I always felt like you would've… Continue reading Dear Angel Baby


18 Months Later

I decided to post my first YouTube Video for this post.  Here I talk about Josh and I meeting the 18 month mark of our infertility journey and the most important thing that has happened to me since the beginning. I debated on what I could talk about and the one thing that stuck out… Continue reading 18 Months Later


Two Pink Lines

I debated when and if I should post this. I felt like I needed time to grieve, however I cope by writing.  This blog originally started out as an outlet for me when I was first diagnosed with PCOS. I never anticipated that it would turn into a comfort for many people and  introduce me… Continue reading Two Pink Lines

Guest Posts

Brittni’s Story

The first day of my last period was 1/1/18. That’s easy to remember. Then I got pregnant. I knew immediately- not because of any womanly intuition or anything like that, but because I’m very, very regular. The day before my missed period, I wasn’t spotting like usual. The day my period would have begun, I… Continue reading Brittni’s Story