Round 2 of Fertility Treatments: What I’m Doing Differently

When we decided to take a break, one of the main reasons was because I felt burnt out. I swore that I would do things differently the next time around. This isn't because I felt like I would have a better chance of getting pregnant, it's for my physical and mental health. And let's be… Continue reading Round 2 of Fertility Treatments: What I’m Doing Differently


Guess Who’s Back…… From Hiatus's been a minute....a hot minute.  I took a break from fertility treatments last Summer and didn't realize that I would actually be taking a break from everything. I blogged here and there but my heart wasn't into it. Honestly, I think I just needed to heal completely. I didn't have the energy to write… Continue reading Guess Who’s Back…… From Hiatus


The Bitterness of Infertility and Why It’s Dangerous

It isn't a surprise that with infertility comes bitterness. It's ugly, it's dark, but it's totally normal. It's also super damaging. It's so damn hard not to be bitter, and I think that it's okay to allow yourself to feel those feeling every once in a while. But I will scream this from the rooftops:… Continue reading The Bitterness of Infertility and Why It’s Dangerous


Infertility Explained By Ross Geller

When you see the latest pregnancy announcement on Facebook     Then your friends/family ask if you're okay     When someone tells you for the millionth time to "relax and you'll get pregnant"   When you've just been probed at the doctor's for an hour and have to go to work     When… Continue reading Infertility Explained By Ross Geller


The Importance of Self-Care

Have you ever found that it's so easy to take care of other people, but super hard to take care of yourself? Well don't be because it's pretty common.  I think that society has taught us that self-care is considered selfish. It's selfish to think about yourself when there are others that are struggling. THIS… Continue reading The Importance of Self-Care

Guest Posts

Jenny’s Story

The following is a blogpost from my dear friend Jenny about her experience with depression and fertility treatments. The Day I Yelled at the Worcestershire Sauce   Infertility has consumed me. Again. And taken such a heavy toll on all of us emotionally and mentally. Trying to get your body back into a good groove… Continue reading Jenny’s Story


What Infertility Has Taught Me

Yesterday was the last day of infertility awareness week. If you follow me on instagram, you have seen my multitude of posts. This year's theme was "flip the script" which aligns with the purpose of my blog beautifully.  I so badly wanted to post a video to describe my final thoughts on infertility awareness week,… Continue reading What Infertility Has Taught Me