Round 2 of Fertility Treatments: What I’m Doing Differently


When we decided to take a break, one of the main reasons was because I felt burnt out. I swore that I would do things differently the next time around. This isn’t because I felt like I would have a better chance of getting pregnant, it’s for my physical and mental health. And let’s be honest, I already accepted that the journey to having a baby is going to be difficult.

I have compiled a list of things I have decided to incorporate during our 2nd round of fertility treatments.


Maintain a regular yoga practice

This is something that was majorly LACKING when we did treatments last time. I felt so emotionally exhausted that the thought of going to the mat to deal with it made me even more emotionally exhausted. Since then, I have slowly made my way back into my practice and am hoping to keep it that way.



Daily Meditation

Recently I have been setting my alarm earlier so that I can squeeze in my meditations in the morning. I have found that morning meditations keep me grounded throughout the day.



Clean Eating

Another thing I found I was doing last time around was carb loading. I was so depressed I ate and drank my feelings. This time around, that will not be the case. I have been making a better effort at having a cleaner diet.


clean eating.jpg

Walk Walk Walk!

All of my mommy friends have told me that walking is key during pregnancy. Why not start now??



Positive Distractions

Right now I’m in the middle of my Master’s program. I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Education. (M.Ed.) This is definitely a distraction for me as I am forced to think about something other than fertility treatments. When I’m not doing homework, I’m spending more time reading for pleasure.  I have an arsenal of mysteries, on my kindle, that I’m excited to explore.


Focus on my Spiritual Practice

This was something that was strongly lacking the last time we were doing fertility treatments. I dabbled here and there but to be honest my heart was not into it. I was so tired and angry that putting any energy into my spiritual practices was exhausting.  This was something I changed while we were on our break. Seriously, taking a break was the best thing I ever did.




What are you doing during fertility treatments to keep yourself calm and focused?


xoxox Kat




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