Plus Size and Trying To Conceive (TTC)

As someone that is not ignorant to the fact that they are plus size, my weight doesn’t usually bother me. I don’t obsess about the fact that I’m “fat” or “thick.” In my mind if you don’t like the way I look, that’s your problem. I could care less what anyone thinks about me or my body. They don’t know my journey or my struggles so I just put my middle fingers in the air and go about my day.

I’m not saying I promote an unhealthy lifestyle. I’m not saying that at all. I’m also aware of the fact that I need to be healthier, and I have recently put in more effort to achieve that goal. However, I do want to talk to all my thick ladies out there that are worried about their weight.

Fat people get pregnant.

Yep. It happens every day. And guess what? Most of them have healthy pregnancies and healthy deliveries. Actually, you may even have a HEALTHIER pregnancy then someone of a “normal” (is there such thing?) size.  Your doctor will most likely be monitoring your weight very closely. Usually when you are plus size, the doctors don’t want you to gain more than 15 lbs. However, every body and pregnancy is different. And I have an empty uterus so what do I know? (Sarcasm guys..)

But I didn’t write this blog about being plus size and pregnant. There are many books and articles out there to give you the information you need. I’m writing about what it’s like to be plus size and trying to conceive. (TTC) Honestly,  it’s not that different. What’s different is the comments, looks, etc that are unwanted.

“Do you think if you lost weight you would get pregnant?”

“Have you tried losing weight?”

“Aren’t you worried about getting bigger?”


Here’s the thing, the perception society has placed on the female body is a load of BS. It’s true, you SHOULD be healthy and you should try your best to be the healthiest you can be. However, you should also learn to love yourself as you are.  If you continue to hate yourself, shame yourself, and put conditions on yourself you are never going to be happy. Period.

Josh and I decided to take a break from fertility treatments to focus on my health. Losing weight is a personal choice, but I’m not doing it to get pregnant. I’m doing it for my mental health.  I am perfectly content getting pregnant at the weight I currently am. I’m learning that loving myself is the most important thing about the infertility journey. It’s not about your weight, because a number doesn’t define who you are.  Learn to love yourself because there is only one of you.




2 Replies to “Plus Size and Trying To Conceive (TTC)”

  1. Thank you for this post. It’s meaningful on many levels. As someone who has struggled with eating disorders stemming from and related to infertility . . . I’m grateful for the chance to absorb your wisdom & perspective. Thank you for finding words.

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