Infertility Explained By Ross Geller

When you see the latest pregnancy announcement on Facebook




Then your friends/family ask if you’re okay




When someone tells you for the millionth time to “relax and you’ll get pregnant”

ross oh wow


When you’ve just been probed at the doctor’s for an hour and have to go to work




When all the fertility treatments hit you at the same time



When you’re in your fertile window 




When another month passes and you’re still not pregnant




Then you have to deal with the period hormones




When you see all the pregnant women at the Doctor’s office

ross i hate that



Or when everyone at work is talking about their kids and you try to be apart of the convo 





When you’re trying to make it through your friend’s baby shower




When family/friends tell you “once you stop trying it will happen”

ross big eyes



When someone says “maybe it’s not meant to be”

ross feelings



When you try the latest thing sworn to make you conceive





When it’s been a long time, but you realize you’re a badass woman that is still amazing without a baby. 





















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