But What About Being 20 Something and Infertile?

One of the most frustrating things about this journey, other than the fact that I can’t get pregnant, is the lack of material for those that are young and experience infertility. Every book I have picked up, every article I have read, and every blog that I have searched are about woman 30+ suffering from infertility.  When I was first diagnosed, I wanted to read everything I could to understand what was happening in my body.  I soaked the pages of every book with my tears and felt alone. At one point, I remember throwing a book across my bedroom and screaming “BUT I’M ONLY 25 DAMN IT!!!!!”


Like so many other, I believed that infertility mainly affected those that were over 30. I quickly learned that is not true.

Infertility doesn’t discriminate. 

Infertility doesn’t care how old you are, what you look like, if you’re fat or skinny. Infertility does not care what race you are, what your gender is,  how “healthy” you may be, or how active you are.  Unfortunately, infertility can affect anyone. In fact 1 in 6 couples are infertile. Whether it be the male or female or both parties.  I can bet that you know someone that is infertile, even if they aren’t talking about it.


If you are 20 something years old and dealing with infertility….I FEEL YOU. I feel you so hard.  It sucks. It is lonely. I get told all the time “you’re only in your mid twenties you have time.” or “but you’re so young, why are you worried about having kids right now?”

Let me get this straight. Yes, I am young but let me remind you that my age does not define my desire to be a mother. It does not stop my husband and I from wanting to start a family.  And even if I wasn’t trying to have a child, the disorder I have affects my life everyday.

INFERTILITY couple giving a bribe for IVF treatment , Syringe and vaccine with drugs.

If you are struggling with your “young” age and fertility, you are not alone. As I said before, infertility doesn’t discriminate. Keep reading the books and the articles. I would also suggest asking your doctor for reading material. One thing I did was google “infertility for women in their 20’s.” I found a lot of great material that made me realize that infertility in your 20’s is more common than you would think.

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And most importantly, know that you have a safe space here. How old were you when you found out you had fertility issues? How did you deal? Leave a comment below!




2 Replies to “But What About Being 20 Something and Infertile?”

  1. Thank you so much for this! I’m 23 and it’s so frustrating when people act like my infertility isn’t as real because I’m young. I’ve found most of the information out there to assume that I’m 39 and am in terrible health. I’ve never thought about searching specifically for info on infertility in your 20’s. Thanks for that tip!

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